Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decisions: MetroLux final run

We at Metered Light have decided to make the last batch of MetroLux.  We have looked at various numbers; I even retrieved data from 5" floppy disks for new quotes, but I'm afraid the numbers are not viable.  Our last run will be about 25 pieces.  Production has begun and they will be available in a month.  We continue to have call for additional sensors and we are filling these requests.  

The good news is that being done with MetroLux frees our time for production of new Pocket Spot Meters.  No time frame has been set, but they will be coming.  

Thanks for your support.


r mann said...

Great news about the pocket spot meter - will it be the same design, or will it be different? In either case you can put me on the list of potential customers.

Woodbury said...

It will be of the same basic design with possible improvements to the interior baffle and battery door material. Also in consideration is case color: maybe red or blue or vote for a color, although the dial and little pieces will remain black.

Craig Schroeder said...

Could you clarify regarding remote sensor likelyhood for fitment to my original Metrolux timer? I've had one on backorder from Calumet for many months and was told that Metrolux was no longer in business just recently by them.

Woodbury said...

Craig, see 1/31/08 posting in this blog. Thanks for the question.

r mann said...

Honestly, any color would be OK as long as you make some - but my choice would be basic black first, then red and lastly blue.

William said...

I would love to use one of your Red Pocket Spot Meter for my Zone System works. My Pentax is too Big and I doen't like to see throw the viewfinder to measure. Because of the lens, people think that it's a camera and are affraid.
Your meter is just a piece of genius. You can put me on the future customers list too!
Have you now a more precise idea of when you have some to sell, and if you will produce some red ones ?

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 10 2/3 EVs

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 4 1/3 EVs

Pocket Spot Spec Sheet

Pocket Spot Digital Light Meter Specs

Display: 2-digit Red LED with 1/3, 2/3 LED indicators

Dial: White, laser-engraved on Meter's anodized color background. Intermost dial is ISO with f/# on the outside. f/1.0 to f/128. Outer dial is shutter speeds from 8 minutes to 1/4000 sec on the inside and EV on the outside. EVs from -1 to 20. Body is marked with Zones from Zero to X (10). [Romans didn't have a zero, but what are you going to do? ]

ISO: 3 to 12800 ISO, marked in 1/3 stops

EV range: -1 2/3 to 23 at 100 ISO

Spectral Sensitivity: Compensated for "typical" B&W film, i.e. HP5+ or Tri-X

Angle of View: approximately 1 degree, smaller at very high EVs and 3 degrees at lower EVs

Viewing: Bore-sight through the hole the length of the chassis. Meter is held about 12" or 300mm from the eye (length of strap)

Linearity: about 1% from low to high.

Calibration: Not required. No adjustments inside.

Finish: Black anodized over a solid block of machined aluminum. Texture is random tumble over stones before anodize. Other colors in consideration at extra cost are RED and BLUE.

Battery: 6V PX28 or equivalent, Supplied

Dimensions: 2.25" x 2" x 3/4" (L x W x T) 57 x 50 x 19 mm
Dial on top is 1/8" thick, 3 mm

Weight: 4 1/8 oz (117 grams) with strap and battery, both included.

specifications subject to change

More pictures on page two near bottom.