Thursday, July 10, 2008

MetroLux II, End of Production

MetroLux, the compensating darkroom timer ends production

MetroLux, The Darkroom Lamp Controller,
get one while you can

MetroLux counts down for the last time

The last production of MetroLux IIs is upon us. There are a small number of units left for sale and that will be that. When they are gone, they are gone. If you have always wanted a MetroLux or think you'll want one in the future, then there is no better time than now to get one. We won't be making any more and used MetroLux are hard to find and almost as expensive as new ones. We won't be holding any back and there will be no more after this.


MetroLux II w/probe and instructions $369
Footswitch $45
Extra probe $45

Plus shipping and applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change.

Service for MetroLux One and II continues to be available, although for the One, some parts are scarce. This is not as scary as it sounds. To date, we have been able to fix all the Metrolux that have come our way. The return rate is very low. The Metrolux design has been and continues to be very durable.


Helcio J. Tagliolatto said...

the end of an era. Since the times of C&D, the best darkroom timer ever made.
Thank you!

John Wendt said...
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John Wendt said...

Like hundreds of people, I am finally letting go of my darkroom equipment. Some donated, some sold. For some reason my MetroLux timer is one of the most emotional items to part with. It was the heart of my darkroom.

ParisMilton said...

If anyone else is selling their Metrolux, please contact me at I am interested in buying it.

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 10 2/3 EVs

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 4 1/3 EVs

Pocket Spot Spec Sheet

Pocket Spot Digital Light Meter Specs

Display: 2-digit Red LED with 1/3, 2/3 LED indicators

Dial: White, laser-engraved on Meter's anodized color background. Intermost dial is ISO with f/# on the outside. f/1.0 to f/128. Outer dial is shutter speeds from 8 minutes to 1/4000 sec on the inside and EV on the outside. EVs from -1 to 20. Body is marked with Zones from Zero to X (10). [Romans didn't have a zero, but what are you going to do? ]

ISO: 3 to 12800 ISO, marked in 1/3 stops

EV range: -1 2/3 to 23 at 100 ISO

Spectral Sensitivity: Compensated for "typical" B&W film, i.e. HP5+ or Tri-X

Angle of View: approximately 1 degree, smaller at very high EVs and 3 degrees at lower EVs

Viewing: Bore-sight through the hole the length of the chassis. Meter is held about 12" or 300mm from the eye (length of strap)

Linearity: about 1% from low to high.

Calibration: Not required. No adjustments inside.

Finish: Black anodized over a solid block of machined aluminum. Texture is random tumble over stones before anodize. Other colors in consideration at extra cost are RED and BLUE.

Battery: 6V PX28 or equivalent, Supplied

Dimensions: 2.25" x 2" x 3/4" (L x W x T) 57 x 50 x 19 mm
Dial on top is 1/8" thick, 3 mm

Weight: 4 1/8 oz (117 grams) with strap and battery, both included.

specifications subject to change

More pictures on page two near bottom.