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MetroLux II Instructions, Customizing and Shutter Speed Testing

MetroLux II®

Customizing the MetroLux II®

Scroll through the options stack by clicking MEMORY once for each choice.

Use [+ keys to make selections in each option.

A......Audible Metronome?
Choices Selection
A11 Beep on during both Focus and Expose modes.
A01 Beep off in Focus mode, on in Expose mode.
A00 Beep off in both modes.
A10 Beep on in Focus mode, off in Expose mode.

B......Beep Duration/Pitch
This control has two facets, beep duration and beep pitch. Toggle between with the EXPOSE key. The beep will sound in this mode and changes can be heard immediately.

C...... Count Factors
MetroLux' 3-digit display can time exposures in three ranges.
Choices: 0.1 0.5 1.0 10
Range: 0.1-99.9 0.5-99.5 1-999 10-9990

D......Display Brightness
Use [+ keys. Up for brighter, down for dimmer. (Use Turbo mode (see Display, pg. 2-3) as the steps are very small) The display always shows "d88".

E....... Eliminate Memories
Choices Selection
E-3 All print mode memories open.
E-1 Only primary print mode memory open: Memory #1 and %.

F...... Remote Sensor Integration Time
Affects "light-gathering" interval of MetroLux II® Remote Sensor. (See Integration pg. 6-5)
To leave the Customization mode, hold MEMORY until the display goes blank. MetroLux II® will return to the printing channel last used.

Shutter Timing

Use MetroLux II® Darkroom Lamp Controller to measure camera and lens shutter speeds.

Hold SETUP until MetroLux II® enters CAL mode. Click SETUP twice more. LED indicators will light up next to Time and Cal. The letters "SPd" will read out on the display. Place the shutter to be timed on the MetroLux II® front panel centered over the "o" in the word "MetroLux II®" (If you look closely, you will see a hole inside the "o".)

Shine a light directly into the shutter. It's best not to use fluorescent roomlights as their cycle may generate faulty readings on shutter speeds faster than 1/60th of a second. (Your enlarger can be used if bright enough. By lowering the enlarger and removing the lensboard, enough light for this procedure can usually be acquired. The FOCUS key is still active at this point in the procedure to enable the enlarger lamp.)

Time shutter: click EXPOSE. The "SPd" display will change to "---". Trip shutter. MetroLux II® will display the shutter speed in milliseconds (one-thousandth of a second.)

To convert fractional shutter speed times into milliseconds:
Simply divide 1000 by the bottom integer of your shutter speed.

Example: 1/2 sec. 1000÷2=500 milliseconds

Speeds slower than 1 second are displayed in seconds. Upper limit is 6.55 seconds.

If "---" display does not change after tripping shutter:
-increase or decrease the amount of light falling through the shutter.
Clear display to "---" by clicking EXPOSE.

Electronic flash can be timed by firing the stobe in the room. Pointing the flash into the hole is not necessary or recommended. This would saturate the sensor and could make a false reading adding extra microseconds. (Time your TV remote control if you're bored.)

To exit Shutter Time mode, hold SETUP.

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Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 10 2/3 EVs

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 4 1/3 EVs

Pocket Spot Spec Sheet

Pocket Spot Digital Light Meter Specs

Display: 2-digit Red LED with 1/3, 2/3 LED indicators

Dial: White, laser-engraved on Meter's anodized color background. Intermost dial is ISO with f/# on the outside. f/1.0 to f/128. Outer dial is shutter speeds from 8 minutes to 1/4000 sec on the inside and EV on the outside. EVs from -1 to 20. Body is marked with Zones from Zero to X (10). [Romans didn't have a zero, but what are you going to do? ]

ISO: 3 to 12800 ISO, marked in 1/3 stops

EV range: -1 2/3 to 23 at 100 ISO

Spectral Sensitivity: Compensated for "typical" B&W film, i.e. HP5+ or Tri-X

Angle of View: approximately 1 degree, smaller at very high EVs and 3 degrees at lower EVs

Viewing: Bore-sight through the hole the length of the chassis. Meter is held about 12" or 300mm from the eye (length of strap)

Linearity: about 1% from low to high.

Calibration: Not required. No adjustments inside.

Finish: Black anodized over a solid block of machined aluminum. Texture is random tumble over stones before anodize. Other colors in consideration at extra cost are RED and BLUE.

Battery: 6V PX28 or equivalent, Supplied

Dimensions: 2.25" x 2" x 3/4" (L x W x T) 57 x 50 x 19 mm
Dial on top is 1/8" thick, 3 mm

Weight: 4 1/8 oz (117 grams) with strap and battery, both included.

specifications subject to change

More pictures on page two near bottom.