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MetroLux II Instructions, Intro and Buttons

MetroLux II®

Owner's Manual.

The MetroLux II® Darkroom Lamp Controller by Metered Light.
Before using the unit please read the Owner's Manual.
You can then easily install, configure & operate the unit properly.

To prevent fire or shock hazard do not expose this product to any type of moisture.
This equipment is intended to be electrically grounded. Your MetroLux II® is equipped with a 3-wire ground plug---a plug that has a third (grounding) pin. This plug will fit only a grounded AC outlet. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a licensed electrician to replace the outlet with a properly grounded outlet. Do not defeat the purpose of the grounding plug!

Please read instructions before plugging in and observe power ratings for this unit. The MetroLux II® Darkroom Lamp Controller is rated to switch lamps up to 720 Watts/120volts. DO NOT EXCEED THIS POWER LEVEL.

Damage to MetroLux II may occur.

The MetroLux II® Darkroom Lamp Controller is internally fused.

A premiere compensating exposure timer for photographic printmaking, the MetroLux II® Darkroom Lamp Controller monitors the intensity of your printing lamp at the lamp source during the exposure, and adjusts for the output fluctuations of the lamp by shortening or extending exposure times proportionately. MetroLux II® integrates time/light to count light units (lux).

For temperature sensitive coldlights, the closed-loop MetroLux II® is dynamically more effective than voltage regulation systems in stabilizing repeatable exposures. And, MetroLux II® works with practically every lamp source under the sun... including the sun itself. We go outdoors with platinum printers to compensate for cloud cover during their sunlight exposures.

There are many advanced features and custom controls to personalize your MetroLux II® Controls exist to adjust metronome sounds and LED brightness, Hold and Reset functions, exposure range and counting styles. There is even a shutter timer function accurate for measuring your camera shutters into the sub-milliseconds. And, when using the optional MetroLux II® Remote Sensor, you can make easel-top readings. But more about that later. Don't be put off by the size of this owner's manual. There are many capabilities of your new MetroLux II® , but the basic functions are easy to grasp.

Carefully remove the unit from the packing carton making sure not to toss out any accessories you may have ordered such as footswitches or the Remote Sensor. Check for photo sensor (on 10ft. cord), or 3 pin din jack adapter for Zone VI heads. Operating manual and warranty cards should be included.

DISPLAY (+): Sets the numeric display.

Press either key to change one count. [Hold and the display will count
continuously. Hold both DISPLAY keys down for 'turbo' mode and the
display counts fastest. The first key pressed determines direction.

EXPOSE: Quick click to Start exposure, or, to reset clock during exposure.

Click to start exposure. During exposure: click again to reset exposure, or hold 1 second until exposure holds. Click EXPOSE again to resume a held exposure. A footswitch can be added to the EXPOSE function. (Outlet on back panel.)

[Hold EXPOSE to stop clock during exposure without resetting time.]

Power Switch: Turns MetroLux II On/Off.

Also reboots MetroLux when turned on while holding SETUP key.

Back Panel Outlets:
Enlarger plug outlet for printing lamp. (Do not exceed 720 Watt rating). Unit is internally fused with a slo-blo 10A fuse. (220 Volt units are fused with slo-blo 5A fuses.)

Two 1/4" phono plug outlets for optional footswitches. Duplicates functions of FOCUS and EXPOSE keys on front panel.

RCA Jack, Lamp Sensor to printing head.

Mini-jack, for optional MetroLux II Remote Sensor hookup.

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Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 10 2/3 EVs

Pocket Spot

Pocket Spot
Metering in the Office, 4 1/3 EVs

Pocket Spot Spec Sheet

Pocket Spot Digital Light Meter Specs

Display: 2-digit Red LED with 1/3, 2/3 LED indicators

Dial: White, laser-engraved on Meter's anodized color background. Intermost dial is ISO with f/# on the outside. f/1.0 to f/128. Outer dial is shutter speeds from 8 minutes to 1/4000 sec on the inside and EV on the outside. EVs from -1 to 20. Body is marked with Zones from Zero to X (10). [Romans didn't have a zero, but what are you going to do? ]

ISO: 3 to 12800 ISO, marked in 1/3 stops

EV range: -1 2/3 to 23 at 100 ISO

Spectral Sensitivity: Compensated for "typical" B&W film, i.e. HP5+ or Tri-X

Angle of View: approximately 1 degree, smaller at very high EVs and 3 degrees at lower EVs

Viewing: Bore-sight through the hole the length of the chassis. Meter is held about 12" or 300mm from the eye (length of strap)

Linearity: about 1% from low to high.

Calibration: Not required. No adjustments inside.

Finish: Black anodized over a solid block of machined aluminum. Texture is random tumble over stones before anodize. Other colors in consideration at extra cost are RED and BLUE.

Battery: 6V PX28 or equivalent, Supplied

Dimensions: 2.25" x 2" x 3/4" (L x W x T) 57 x 50 x 19 mm
Dial on top is 1/8" thick, 3 mm

Weight: 4 1/8 oz (117 grams) with strap and battery, both included.

specifications subject to change

More pictures on page two near bottom.